Rape Scene Review: Naked Weapon


(Naked Weapon, 2004)

I am going to make a few posts concerning a my favorite rape scenes from mainstream/independent films. I try to avoid obviously and blatantly exploitative films, softcore porn and horror flicks that serve no purpose other than erotic/violent titilation. That said, the first film will be on the outskirts of what I consider “mainstream.” But it was a one of the top 10 grossing Korean films in the month it was released.

In Naked Weapon, assassins-in-training are put through an intense training program by their leader, Madam M. To finalize their training, push them over the edge and numb their emotions, Madam M then organizes a gangrape of the three trainees as their final test. After drugging their wine, the women are easily taken advantage of and forced into submission, while their leader watches on in approval.

The pillaging begins. The male on the left rips his victim’s panties.

She appears to be on the recieving end of a brief flash of pleasure.

But a quick slap changes that.

Madam M watches on.

A lot of power in this still.

I love that her leg raises only to reveal more abuse.

He pumps to completion; She grits her teeth. Lovely how her hands are sandwiched between their bodies.

Staring blankly, laying in her own sweat.

The ravished aftermath. (Aren’t the shoes a nice touch?)

Afterwards, Madam M delivers a monologue:

Your body no longer belongs to you. It is now your greatest weapon. You must be willing to do anything to please a man, no matter how vile. A man’s happiest moment is also his weakest.

Overall, I give this scene a 7 out of 10. It loses points for a few moments of levity (Which I did not take stills of, but include the rapists giving each other high-fives) and an overall lack of creativity. There are plenty of reasons to watch however, overall length, a bit of symbolism and a lengthy shot of the aftermath. Definitely worth checking out.

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